When it comes to the best in spearfishing guns, spearfishing gear, and ocean hunting apparel - Hartlyn has you covered. Hartlyn features spearguns, wetsuits, and accessories from top brands in the spearfishing and... Read More


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Here at Hartlyn, we know finding the most reliable spearfishing or diving wetsuits is a top priority in this game. We have carefully picked out the best wetsuits in the spearfishing... Read More
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Hartlyn doesn't skimp out on having the best spearguns for sale. Whether you are a seasoned spearo or fresh into the ocean hunter game, Hartlyn continues to deliver the best... Read More
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Pole Spears

At Hartlyn, pole spears are the ultimate for spearfishing. Pole spears and spears have been used throughout history of man in all things fishing and hunting. We respect the art of... Read More
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Spearfishing Combos

Shop Spearfishing Combos at Hartlyn to find the best deals for spearfishing gear. Our team has hand selected specific spearfishing products that go hand in hand with one another- this way... Read More
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Spearfishing Accessories

Shop spearfishing accessories here at Hartyn. From ear seals to portable showers, anything you could ever need can be found here. The best spearfishing travel bags, speargun reels, dive knives... Read More
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Gloves and Booties

Hartlyn sells some of the best dive gloves and booties on the market. We carry the best brands like, Riffe, JBL, and Yazbeck. Quality goes a long when when selecting your... Read More
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Speargun Reels

Shop speargun reels here at Hartlyn. When you start getting some bigger game and a stock gun line isn't sufficient, it's time to upgrade to a speargun reel. Hartlyn has... Read More