AB Biller LTD Speargun (Padauk)




The AB Biller LTD is handcrafted from selected padauk wood with the trigger mechanism and safety fitted directly into the speargun barrel. It is extremely difficult to obtain large quantities of truly straight barrels in these precious woods and therefore makes this speargun the limited edition it is named for. The LTD is a fine example of AB Biller craftsmanship and quality.

Padauk wood has a high strength factor compared to its weight and is very durable. It is widely used in marine applications. All AB Biller spearguns are hand made. 

All AB Biller spearguns are provided with a stainless spring steel shaft 5/16” diameter, manufactured from a special alloy originally developed for the U.S. Navy. Heat treated to Rockwell 44C, these shafts produce a unique combination of hardness and spring tension. Two 9/16” O.D. natural rubber slings with special stainless steel swiveling wishbone and a hardened stainless spring steel double barb


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