Bass Assassin Heavy Punch Craw

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Watermelon/Red Glitter
Black/Red Glitter
Okeechobee Craw
Green Pumpkin
Blue Shadow Glitter
Delta Neon
Blue Emerald
Gold Rush
Black Grape/Blue Glitter
Sprayed Grass
Kissimmee Rush
St. John's Special


Built for pairing with heavy punching gear, the Bass Assassin Heavy Punch Craw (HPC) delivers a bite-inducing craw imitation that is right-at-home underneath matted vegetation. Designed with a round, ribbed construction, the Bass Assassin Heavy Punch Craw provides more-than-enough body to accommodate larger gauge hooks. At the top, the Heavy Punch Craw (HPC) is shaped with a pyramid-like taper that snugs nicely against concave punch weights.

Delivering multi-dimensional attraction, featuring two large, flailing claws that move plenty of water and are built to accommodate a rattle. Infused with a heavy dose of our BANG scent, the HPC tempts fish with a mouthwatering aroma right out of the package. Offered in a number of classic bass colors, the Bass Assassin Heavy Punch Craw provides everything anglers need to dive into the slop and wrestle big bass into the boat.

6 ct per bag of 4'' lures


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