Daiwa Proteus WN Casting Rod




The PROTEUS WN RODS combine well-designed, practical component features with state of the art blank construction. The 7 conventional rods are designed for both monofilament and braided lines. The rods are perfectly suited for today’s saltwater fisherman. The conventional rod blanks are constructed with the exclusive X45® BIAS GRAPHITE FIBER which reinforces the blank and prevents twisting when the rod loads up. The exclusive BRAIDING-X carbon fiber braiding technology additionally provides added blank reinforcement further reducing unnecessary blank twist. This combines to deliver longer more accurate casts. These blanks are wrapped with the advanced design of the FUJI® FAZLITE® RING GUIDES. The tangle free guides are tough enough for salt water and hard use yet minimally affect the bend of the blank. 

Model Number Power Action Length
Pieces Line Wt.
Lure Wt.
PRTWN76MHF MH F 7'6" 1 15-30 Mono (40-80) Braid - 10
PRTWN76HF H F 7'6" 1 20-50 Mono (55-100) Braid - 10
PRTWN76XHF XH F 7'6" 1 30-60 Mono (70-120) Braid - 10
PRTWN80MHF MH F 8'0" 1 15-30 Mono (40-80) Braid - 11
PRTWN80HF H F 8'0" 1 20-50 Mono (55-100) Braid - 11
PRTWN80XHF XH F 8'0" 1 30-60 Mono (70-120) Braid - 11
PRTWN810HF H F 8'10" 1 30-50 Mono (55-100) Braid - 11

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