JBL Ear Hydro Seals

JBL Ear Hydro Seals

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These JBL Ear Hydro Seals are the perfect solution for surfers, divers, and water enthusiasts looking to keep their inner ear dry and still able to hear the world outside.  These aqua plugs utilize an advanced multi-baffle design that provides exceptional protection against water entering the ear canal.  Users are also able to clear their ears while diving.  This is all possible thanks to exclusive Hocks Noise Braker technology.  An industry first.  This system creates a force-field like barrier to prevent water from reaching the inner ear without completely sealing it.  The end result is that sound waves can pass through while preventing pressure from water intrusion.  This makes them ideal for divers that have trouble clearing their ears at descending depths.

The benefits of using Hydro Seals while in the water are numerous.  They greatly reduce the chance of infection by keeping bacteria from growing in stagnant inner ear water.  Hydro Seals also help prevent the temporary loss of equilibrium.  Lastly, they reduce the chance of surfer’s ear by sealing out cold air and water, which is the primary cause of exostosis.  Hydro Seals are simple and effective.  

Hydro Seals Features:

  • Exclusive Hocks Noise Braker technology
  • Prevents water from entering the inner ear
  • Ears can be cleared during use
  • Normal sound is not blocked
  • Soft silicon construction
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hi-Visibility coloring
  • Available in 3 sizes

Thanks to exclusive Hocks Noise Braker technology Hydro Seal Aqua Plugs perform above and beyond what is expected of your average ear plug.  Hydro Seals come available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.  The size of the user’s conchal bowl will determine fitting size.  This is the cupped bowl like area before the inner ear begins.  Note that medium fits most people.  Small is recommended for all bowl sizes smaller than ¾ in, medium for anything between ¾ – 1 ¼, and large for over 1 ¼ inches.

To ensure correct fit, gently insert the baffled stem into the ear canal until you feel the Hydro Seal lock into place.  Once in place, press the upper flange of the Hydro Seal into the ear.  This will ensure that it has locked into the upper pocket of the conchal bowl.  A slight twist may aid in insertion.  The red Hocks filter designates the right ear plug and the clear one is for the left.  Before use, make sure the Hydro Seals are seated correctly in the ear with the outer piece locked in the concha.

With proper fitting, users are able to enjoy their aquatic environment safely and to its fullest.. Hydro seals keep potentially harmful elements out of the fragile inner ear without affecting hearing or clearing.  In this way they offer unobtrusive protection.  The promote ear protection without any negative effects.

Maintenance:  Rinse Hydro Seals with fresh, clean water after use.  Make sure that Hocks Filter is clear by blowing air through the vent before use to ensure proper pressurization during descending depths