JBL Polymer Fins

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The JBL Polymer Fins are the second generation polymer long fins that JBL  has created. They set out to create something with the performance of the JBL flagship Xcelerator fins but at a cost for everyone.  To accomplish this, JBL went back to the drawing board.  They created an all new blade made from a proprietary carbon – nylon blend that replicates the properties of its carbon cousin.  Its reinforced base is stiff and responsive.  From there it becomes progressively thinner and more flexible, allowing for maximum energy transfer.

JBL mated this amazing blade to their newly developed tri-density foot pocket.  It features three unique rubber blends that work together to create a pocket that is stiff, responsive, and soft in areas where it matters most.  The end result is a performance freedive fin that kicks well above the competition.

Pockets and blades are modular. Secured with screws and blade clips. This allows for smaller storage, easy repairs, and upgrades.


  • 22° Blade Angle
  • Proprietary Carbon – Nylon Polymer Blade
  • Tri-density Full Foot Pocket
  • Stiff Foot Pocket Bed for Enhanced Thrust
  • Soft Foot Pocket Upper for Reduced Foot Fatigue
  • Modular Design
  • Embedded JBL Tuna Coffin Logo

    Size Chart:

    S: Mens 6/7 Women's 7/8 EU 39/40

    M: Mens 8/9 Women's 9/10 EU 41/42

    L: Mens 10/11 Women's 11/12 EU 43/44

    XL:Mens 12/13 Women's 13/14 EU 45/46



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