JBL Shaka Pole Spear

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The JBL Shaka Polespear is the ultimate weapon when you don't feel like using a traditional speargun. Or, some of us prefer to go with a polespear. JBL has combined nano tech materials with their tried and true aircraft grade aluminum to deliver a hybrid pole spear like no other.  This polesear has an Unidirectional carbon weave which allows for maximum transfer of energy.  There’s zero bend or flex so all your power goes to the tip, not the whip like other polespears that are constructed of flimsy, flexible, inferior carbon.  The aluminum end piece adds additional mass to pummel fish and is durable enough to use in rocks without a worry. The JBL Shaka Polespear is precision machined with over-sized aluminum unions which add additional rigidity and  durability.  A thicker walled power band makes the Shaka ideal for big game fish…  Available in 6 and 7 feet, the three piece travel pole spear comes complete with our 890 break–away tip. No fish is safe with this in your hand. Features of the Shaka include:

  • Unidirectional proprietary design ensures no loss of inertia when shooting
  • Carbon fiber hybrid design keeps you polespear stiff for maximum transfer of energy while the tip remains durable for rocky and reef environments
  • Oversized sling for improved speed and penetration power (648-C)
  • Convenient travel case for on the go hunting
  • Break-Away rockpoint tip for shooting larger game (890)
  • Made in America

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