Lew's Mach Speed Stick IM6 Spinning Rod




The Lew's Mach Speed Stick IM6 Spinning Rods offer a bold look and the performance to back it up. This casting rod is lightweight, perfectly balanced, and extremely sensitive and is a one piece design. Featuring IM6 graphite blanks reinforced with Carbon Nano Tube technology, they offer excellent power and strength in addition to being lightweight and sensitive. Delivering technique specific performance as well, each rod’s action, length and taper is dialed in to excel at a given application.

The American Tackle AirWave guides also feature the MicroWave design for improved casting distance and accuracy. Lew’s SoftTouch Skeletal reel seats deliver maximum comfort while also helping to reduce weight, and the advanced Winn Dri-Tec advanced polymer split grip handles provide a grip that is second-to-none. Delivering technique specific performance, as well as, advanced styling and technology, the Lew's Mach Speed Stick IM6 Casting Rods are also available for a great price.

This rod is great for freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing.

-IM6 Blank with Carbon Nano Tube construction
-Lew’s SoftTouch Skeletal reel seats
-American Tackle “AIRWAVE” guide system
-WINN Inc. Dri-TEC, advanced polymer grips
-Lew’s built in trigger hook keepers

Lew's MHMSR Mach Speed Stick IM6 Spinning Rod 6'6" 1 Pc Med. 1/8-1/2 oz. Winn Grip

Lew's MHNRR Mach Speed Stick IM6 Ned Spinning Rig Rod, 6'7" 1 Pc ML, 1/16-1/4 Oz, Winn Grip

Lew's MHFSR Mach Speed Stick IM6 Finesse Spinning Rod, 6"9" 1 Pc ML, 1/8-3/8 Oz, Winn Grip

Lew's MHAPSR Mach Speed Stick IM6 All Purpose Spinning Rod, 6'9" 1 Pc M, 1/8-1/2 Oz, Winn Grip

Lew's MHTGR Mach Speed Stick IM6 Tube/ Grub Spinning Rod 7' 1 Pc Med. 1/8-1/2 oz.


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