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Lew's Super Duty Wide Speed Spool Casting Reel brings significantly greater line capacity to a baitcast reel already designed for heavy-duty fishing applications. This is a new real with new features and is perfect for throwing big umbrella rigs, oversized crankbaits and giant swimbaits. Its sturdy, lightweight, one-piece all-aluminum frame and handle side aluminum sideplate ensures there is no flexing under heavy loads while still allowing it to be easily palmable. The Lew's Super Duty Wide Speed Spool Casting Reel has high strength brass gearing which delivers serious torque to power in big fish on heavy lines while the rugged carbon fiber drag system offers smooth drag pressure and up to 14lbs of max drag.

The externally-adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS) allows you to make quick cast control adjustments depending on conditions and lure choice, and a ten double-shielded premium stainless steel bearing system with a zero-reverse one-way clutch bearing ensures consistently smooth casts and retrieves. Also featuring Lew’s SoftTouch finish for added comfort, the Lew's Super Duty Wide Speed Spool Casting Reel has what it takes to handle big baits and bigger fish.

-One-piece all aluminum frame
-Aluminum handle side sideplate
-Machine forged, double anodized, braid ready, high capacity aluminum spool
-High strength brass gearing
-Externally-adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS)
-Easily removable, palming graphite sideplate with SoftTouch armor finish
-Double anodized aluminum spool tension adjustment with audible click
-Rugged carbon fiber star drag system
-Bowed, anodized, aluminum "power crank" 95MM reel handle
-Lew's custom oversized round EVA knobs
-Titanium-coated Zirconia line guide

Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.)

SDW2H Right 6.4:1 8.1 10SS + 1RB 14/190

SDW2S Right 5.1:1 8.1 10SS + 1RB 14/190

SDW2SH Right 7.1:1 8.1 10SS + 1RB 14/190

SDW2SHL Left 7.1:1 8.1 10SS + 1RB 14/190

SDW2XH Right 8.0:1 8.1 10SS + 1RB 14/190


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