Ocean Hunter Chameleon Pro Railgun

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The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Pro Rail Gun has a dual camouflage design aimed at helping blend it into your hunting environment just as your camo wetsuit would. The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Pro Rail Gun is an extremely strong and reliable gun made from extruded aluminium for maximum strength and incorporates a glass filled nylon handle for long lasting reliability. The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Pro Rail Gun comes equipped with a unique and especially designed open muzzle which is also user adjustable to suit every spearos specific requirements. This unique open muzzle design incorporates 2 metal grips that hold the spear in place without rattling keeping you deadly quite in the water. What's even better is that the metal grips can be easily adjusted on the back of the muzzle via a simple stainless steel grub screw. The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Pro Rail Gun is an exciting gun to use and has been very popular with both entry level spearos and long time seasoned veterans. This gun comes with a 7mm tri cut spring steel shaft and two 16mm rubber power band.



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