Redington Topo Fly Fishing Outfit

Redington Topo Fly Fishing Outfit

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Continuing to make fly fishing easier and more approachable for its customers, Redington introduces the all-new Topo Outfit, a grab-and-go outfit for anyone looking to get started fly fishing. The outfit comes with everything you need to get on the water and start fishing: rod, reel, line, a tapered leader, flies, a fly box, extra spool of tippet and even a nipper to trim tag tippet ends off of knots. All the equipment comes in a rip-stop Redington rod and reel case. We chose the flies in the Topo Outfit specifically for their fish-ability: six foam dry flies perfect for trout fishing across the country. The Topo Outfit is perfect for anyone who has wanted to try fly fishing but aren't quite sure where to start, or for those who may have fly fished a while ago and are looking to get back into it. The convenient, packable size of the outfit makes it an easy addition to your weekend camping trips.

Topo Fly Rod Features:

  • 9’, 5wt, 4-piece easy-to-cast, high performance graphite fly rod with a carbon fiber reel seat for ultra lightweight, ideal for backpacking
  • Alignment dots for easy rod set up
  • Half-wells handle for extra sensitivity when fishing
Crosswater 4/5/6 Fly Reel Features:
  • Lightweight construction, lessens overall weight of package
  • Large arbor design for easier and quicker retrieval
  • Durable design with easy to change spool
  • Strong disc drag system for great fish stopping power
  • Pre-spooled RIO Mainstream® WF5F fly line with front loop
  • 9’ 5x tapered leader
  • 100 yds 20# backing
All-inclusive accessories Package includes:
  • Six (6) high floating, durable and easy-to-see foam dry flies packed in a custom Redington sealed fly box
  • Olive Foam Caddis / Hook Size – 14
  • Tan Bullet Hooper / Hook Size – 10
  • Hi-Vis Foam Ant / Hook Size – 16
  • Hi-Vis Foam Beetle / Hook Size – 12
  • Foam Adams Mayfly / Hook Size – 14
  • Foam BWO Mayfly / Hook Size – 16
  • Nippers for cutting excess line, tippet or tail ends of knots (convenient lanyard included)
  • Extra spool of tippet for those active days of fishing
  • Lightweight rod & reel case with adjustable strap for convenient travel or backpacking