Riffe Raider Mid-Handle Series

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The new RAIDER speargun from Riffe pays homage to the tradition of blue water speargun design. Our Team spearheaded the development challenge with an emphasis on boosting accuracy, shooting range, and mobility to design the next mid-handle generation, using its forerunner, the RIFFE Blue Water Elite, as an origin point. With its dominating mass, integrated entire body length wings, innovative ABS (Adjustable Ballast System), tremendous impact, and distinct shape, this refined evolutionary design embodies power and adaptability. The RAIDER is the pinnacle of spearfishing craftsmanship and efficiency, and it's the stuff that huge spearfishing dreams are built of.


Full body wings are integrated into a 5 lamination mahogany wood stock.

When loaded, the NEW ABS (Adjustable Ballast System) allows compensating changes for preferred rigging and negative buoyancy.

2-piece stainless steel trigger mechanism assembly from RIFFE

NEW Toggle Safety with "S" for Safe and "F" for Fire carved on it.

5/16" 24 thrd Threaded American Notch spear shaft (3 big tabs) with Slip Tip comes standard on the 55 and 61. (Needle point)

11/32" Threaded American Notch spear shaft (4 large tabs + Rest Tab) with Tri-Cut Slip Tip (Needle point) & Breakaway Setup are standard on the 67 and 70.

5/8" (16mm) black Gorilla Rubber power bands tied in [55 and 61 (3), 67 (4), and 70 (5)]

55 and 61 For speedier shooting and abrasion resistance, it's rigged with 400 lb. Nylon monofilament shooting line.

67 and 70 500 lb. of rigging Cable with a stainless steel coating
500 lb. test Bungie Shock Chord, 5" Swivel with Pigtails

Glass-filled reinforced Nylon handle with over-molded cushion grip
Track that is enclosed

Built-in stainless steel threaded reel inserts are standard on the automatic side mounted Line Release 55 and 61, which are designed to accommodate RIFFE's Horizontal Reel – Flat mount.

Signature red urethane butt end assembly with contoured design for easy loading


55" - 5/16" x 53” (140cm) 24 thrd Threaded shaft w/ Slip Tip

61" - 5/16" x 59” (152cm) 24 thrd Threaded shaft w/ Slip Tip

67" - 11/32" x 65" (165cm) 24 thrd Threaded shaft w/Rest Tab w/ Tri-Cut Slip Tip / Breakaway setup

70" - 11/32" x 68” (172cm) 24 thrd Threaded shaft w/Rest Tab w/ Tri-Cut Slip Tip / Breakaway setup