Riffe Terminator II Dive Knife

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The Riffe Terminator II Dive Knife is an excellent knife for nearly all diving situations. Whether it be dispatching of our prey or freeing you from safety, this knife will get it done. The Riffe Terminator II Dive Knife is double serrated for double the safety

All of Riffe's knife blades are made with 420 heat treated stainless steel, capable of cutting through stainless steel cable, monofilament, and High-Tech line. All Riffe knives are Teflon coated for corrosion resistance.

4.5" Blade, 9.5" Overall Length, Self Locking , Double Serration

Terminator II Knife is available in Deluxe setup only
* Deluxe - Rubber leg straps, forearm / leg stretch straps, & lanyard


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