Rob Allen US Carbo Railgun




The Rob Allen US Carbo Railgun was designed specifically for the US market. This railgun features some new features... An ultra flat open muzzle design that provides less drag, greater maneuverability, and a much larger sight window. The US Carbo is a lightweight reef gun designed for targeting fast-swimming reef and open water fish. It comes ready to shoot with a single wrap of 300 lb. mono, 6.6mm double notch spear, and 2 x 14mm (9/16”) black bands. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum with a wall thickness of 1.45mm. The US Carbo comes “Blacked Out” with a black and grey camo barrel, black handle grip, bands and tuna clip.  This speargun comes stock with the latest Vecta 2 mechanism; manufactured from glass reinforced nylon, a Kevlar trigger and has a solid 316 stainless steel sear.  An integrated reel mount on the handle fits seamlessly with the Rob Allen Composite Reel. 

***Add an optional loading butt for $32.00***

***Rigging modifications can be made upon request***


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