The Beach Box - Portable Shower




The Beach Box is the world's first portable shower and storage box in one unit. This thing is packed with features like an insulated shower tank, a non slip changing lid, and a modular storage design to keep your gear clean and organized. This holds up to 1.3 gallons and is insulated so you can store hot or cold water for hours. There is no need to connect The Beach Box to a hose or pressurized water source... Simply unscrew the top, fill with fresh water, and pump when ready for use. It does not take long to pump enough to reach legitimate pressure (less than 30 seconds). There is an air pressure release valve if you didn't use all of the water (best to store non-pressurized) on single use. Shower wand has auto-flow lock feature attached to its durable neoprene hose. Pressure will flow between 4-5 minutes.


SHIPPING ONLY TO THE LOWER 48 STATES! Might not be able to ship internationally... Please contact us for a shipping quote.


BeachBox Includes:

  • 1x 1.3 Gal Insulated Hand Pump Tank (Holds Hot Water)
  • 1x 7ft Durable Neoprene Hose
  • 1 x Showering Wand and Holder
  • 1x Non-Slip Changing Lid
  • 1x Divider Slide
  • 2x Mini Storage Tubs
  • 1x Dry Box Lid
  • 1x Dry Box Raised Plate

SIZE: 26"L x 21"W x 18"H

12 Month Warranty on all parts and materials.


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