Yazbeck Hamour .5mm Full Body Rashguard




The Yazbeck Hamour Fullbody Rashguard is made of their .5mm Heavy Camo Impermeaflex. This suit is ideal for warmer waters without compromising your mobility. There is a 7mm thick chest loading pad so no need to worry about that sore chest. You are able to load any gun with comfort with this chest pad.

  • 0.5mm of Heavy Camo Impermeaflex
  • Nohu Holoblend Series Camo sublimation dye
  • The elbows, knees and seat area of the jacket are screened with Polyurethane ink-dots for increased protection
  • Unisex Sizing
  • External Features of the Jacket:
    • Zipless Hooded jacket
    • Built-in hood designed for optimal comfort, neck movement and complete face protection
    • Built-in 7.0mm thick cushioned and slip-free spear-gun chestloading pad for maximum ease and safety
    • A Wider Beaver tail with twin Yazbeck Locking Clips
    • Thumb loop to keep the sleeves in place


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