Yazbeck Snyper Wetsuit

Yazbeck Snyper Wetsuit

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Thickness: 3mm
Size: XXS
Material: Silver Titanium Lining
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This Camo pattern SNYPER goes perfectly well with the slightly greenish, cool and warmer waters, moss and eel grass covered bottoms, lakes and rivers, brackish river mouths, kelp and algae, as well as olive to dark green environment anywhere. It offers an excellent “blend-in” and “lineless” camouflage. This Holoblend™ Snyper Camouflage design philosophy by Roger Yazbeck will help you “conceal” from the spookiest fish, giving you an opportunity to stalk or ambush the trophy of a lifetime, for that great camera or speargun shot.

Made of 100CR Yamamoto Japan Neoprene, Grade 39 (ultra-supple, comfortable and warm), laminated with Impermeaflex™. Available in Open Cell lining or with our NanopreneShield™ lining for durability, ease of donning, thermo-reflecting, muscle fatigue reducer and anti-bacterial properties.

Thanks to its unique features, this wetsuit is the warmest, most comfortable and lightest DRY-WETSUIT ever made. It has ZERO water circulation between its gel-like skin and yours!

The Yazbeck SNYPER wetsuit is an absolute must-have for every ocean enthusiast; be you a snorkeler, freedive hunter or even a recreational SCUBA diver or leisure traveler, the Yazbeck wetsuit should be ready to go with you on a whim.

This model is a 2 piece zipless and streamlined wetsuit that can be easily donned in seconds; A Hooded Jacket with Yazbeck’s unique, cushioned and re-enforced built-in chest loading pad and beavertail locking system, and Farmer John style Trousers.

This Yazbeck wetsuit was constructed in a pre-shaped pattern for the best comfort and insulation. Thanks to its added waterproof seals on each and every entrance area; ankles, wrist cuffs and hood face seal, SNYPER becomes your second skin. It will completely inhibit water from seeping in, keeping you totally dry! It is therefore tailored for a perfect anatomical fit.

This Yazbeck SNYPER Wetsuit is a 100% dry, essential and life preserving wear, with added protection from the elements, like no other ever made by any other brand or factory, anywhere in the world. Guaranteed!

No other wetsuit designer and builder in the world have ever done that like Yazbeck.

    • Yazbeck-wetsuits-sizechart
    • 1.5mm: for use in water warmer than 82°F (27°C)
      2.0mm: for use in water warmer than 80°F (26°C)
      3.0mm – 3.5mm: for use in water colder than 80°F (26°C)
      5.0mm – 5.5mm: for use in water colder than 75°F (24°C)
      7.0mm – 7.5mm: for use in water colder than 57°F (14°C)