Zoom 4'' Baby Brush Hog


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The Zoom Brush Hog is the favorite of many across the country. This bait is 5 1/4", but falls slowly because of its wing-like features on the side. Combined with a double tail on the back, the Baby Brush Hog puts lots of vibration out and can call fish even in murky water. This is most often fished on a Texas rig, but also is gaining popularity on the Carolina rig. A very versatile bait that is used by many as their "go to" bait.

The Zoom Brush Hogs are big, bulky baits with tails, wings and arms for lots of motion and water movement. Of course, these are premier flip baits and a lot of anglers use them on Carolina rigs or anywhere you would use a lizard. You can also try them as jig trailers, either whole or cut down for a really big presentation, or put them on a football head and drag them in deep water like a spider jig.


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