Zoom 4'' Dead Ringer Worm


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June Bug
Watermelon Seed


Zoom Dead Ringers like other Zoom baits, are loaded with salt and SuperSoft to the touch. These baits feature a ribbed body and a tail that will always entice that reluctant bass into biting. Without having to add a lot of wrist action, this bait’s subtle lifelike movement provides easy casting to make fooling fish a breeze in the water. Their realistic softness and salty taste is sure to keep the fish biting and hanging on for dear life just to keep a hold on this tasty morsel. 

The ringworm style 4 3/4" Dead Ringer 4" produces with bubbles and action to make this worm a real winner. Use on Carolina, splitshot, shaking or finesse rigs in open water.

Pack of 20


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