What are the Best Locations for Spearfishing?

What are the Best Locations for Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is a challenging sport that’s gaining popularity. Essentially underwater hunting, spearfishing requires athleticism and patience. Not all oceans are equal when it comes to spearfishing, however, as temperature and visibility play a large role in a spearo’s success. Check out these top 5 locations to spearfish:

Top Five Spots for Spearfishing

The Florida Keys
The Florida Keys offer great conditions for spearfishing: warm water, great visibility, and a large amount and variety of fish. Spearfishing is popular here, so there are plenty of options in terms of charters, classes, equipment and rentals. The Florida Keys also features an abundance of reefs, natural and artificial, that attract marine life and make for perfect spearfishing sites.
    Hawaii is known for its crystal clear waters and exotic fish, making it an ideal location for spearfishing. You don’t need a license to spearfish in Hawaii, but there are regulations in terms of location and types of fish you can hunt. Since Hawaii is a popular tourist destination, various classes on spearfishing and freediving are available for beginners.
      Australia/New Zealand
      Australia and New Zealand boast excellent conditions for spearfishing: clear water, warm weather, and large fish. Australia even holds the Australian Titles Spearfishing Championship each year. In both countries, a license to fish is required, but is inexpensive and easy to obtain. Spearfishing is a popular sport here and is praised for its sustainability, so there are plenty of recommended locations, retailers, and classes.
        The Gulf of Mexico
        Mexico is a popular spearfishing destination, with the Gulf offering the most ideal conditions. The Gulf Stream warms the already spearo-friendly water temperatures, and the high-visibility makes for easy hunting. There are different types of tuna and wahoo ready for the taking.
          The Pacific Coast is another great location for spearfishing, whether you want to go to Southern California for a warmer climate or the cooler waters of NorCal. Along the coast you’ll find a wide variety of fish, with larger fish usually residing further South. Conditions can range dramatically when diving in California. Often times the visibility can be bad so checking conditions beforehand is always a smart move. The NorCal waters are cold so be sure to have a thick wetsuit. SoCal waters are usually cold enough for a wetsuit as well. The Channel Islands off the coast between Santa Barbara and San Diego almost always have great visibility and conditions. Wherever you decide to dive in California, check the conditions beforehand.

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