What do you need to spearfish?

What do you need to spearfish?

Spearfishing is a popular but challenging underwater sport. More involved than traditional hook-and-line fishing, spearfishing requires breath control, physicality, and focus. Before you can dive in, however, you’ll need the proper gear. Here are some of the essentials:

Spearfishing Essentials: Gear You’ll Need

Dive Mask and Snorkel
If you’re going to be able to catch any fish, you’ll have to be able to see them; a quality dive mask and snorkel for spearfishing is essential. Your dive mask should fit comfortably and snugly on your face while allowing maximum visibility. Low-volume masks are ideal to reduce pressure while freediving. Pair your dive mask with a snorkel; the best snorkels for spearfishing are simple and flexible so that they don’t get in your way.

A well-fitting wetsuit should be tight without restricting movement. Your wetsuit is important for warmth and protection, and the thickness will depend on the water temperature where you’re diving. For warm water, use 1-2.5mm wetsuits, 3-5mm for cooler water, and over 5mm thickness for water under 15°C.

Spearfishing gloves are important to keep your hands safe and dry without impeding your ability to fish. A lightweight glove with a good grip is ideal for handling your equipment underwater, and be sure to pick the right fit.

Dive Fins
Dive fins are essential to make it easier to dive deeper, faster, and conserve energy on your dive. Flexibility of the fin will depend on your own leg strength and diving preferences.

Weight belt
A weight belt is necessary to increase depth while diving. Rubber weight belts are ideal for spearfishing, as they are durable and won’t move around while diving.

The speargun is an obvious necessity for spearfishing. Choosing a speargun depends on the size of the fish you are hunting and the visibility of the water. For smaller fish or low visibility, pick a shorter speargun, and vice versa.

Dive Knife
A good spearfishing knife should be sharp and durable. Quality is important in a dive knife, as your knife should not rust or wear down easily. Safety is also a factor, and the knife should have a safe sheathing mechanism to prevent it from accidentally opening.

Fishing License
Before you can go fishing, a license is necessary. In most states, a fishing license can be purchased online and costs around $40. Be sure to familiarize yourself with state and local fishing laws before you dive, and always have your license with you.

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